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JCM Liquidations specializes in the controlled liquidation and disposition of inventory in order to maximize the recovery of secured assets.

Our experienced liquidators ensure the highest asset recovery by: securing the collateral, defining a liquidation plan; providing detailed record keeping; collecting accounts receivable and implementing a timely exit strategy.

Our Liquidation Specialists have extensive experience and knowledge in the valuation and disposition of assets.

As part of each liquidation JCM Liquidation staff will

  • Corral the assets for sale.
  • Determine the best market for each type of asset.
  • Place ads and provide telemarketing where necessary.
  • Organize an on-site team to handle daily operations.
  • Establish forms of payment.
  • Negotiate sales price for assets.
  • Negotiate a Bulk Sales Price when appropriate.
  • Keep records of each transaction.



While we do not perform auctions ourselves,  JCM has a strategic alliance with the nation’s most established and experienced industrial auctioneer company, Tauber-Arons, Inc.  who specializes in conducting both on-site and online auctions.

When we recommend an auction
Auction sales offer an asset disposition method which is quick, definitive and complete, but which in our experience do not typically bring the highest return on the inventory portion of the collateral.  Auction sales for the disposition of fixed assets are successful and proven methods for machinery and equipment (M&E), while orderly or distressed liquidation methods for inventory will usually bring higher values.  When it makes sense to do so, JCM liquidators will corral “lots” of inventory which are then offered through an auction conducted by Tauber-Arons, Inc.

The JCM difference

Our expertise lies in taking control of a Company’s assets within 24 hours if necessary.  We have the procedures in place which allow us to respond quickly in order to protect the assets.

We have particular expertise in dealing with closely held Company’s of all sizes.  JCM staff is sensitive to the situation in which owners and managers find themselves.  We make every attempt to respect and mitigate stress so owners and management can focus on the liquidation process.

Regardless of an Orderly or Distressed Liquidation scenario,

JCM staff has a proven track record of maximum recovery, sale of inventory and the collection of related Accounts Receivable.


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